With the South Pacific brewing up some rainclouds as of late, the weekly weather forecast sounds bleaker than a November shower. Today’s fare of partly scattered thunderstorms heralds the possibility of rain, with the temperature dropping to around 73-degrees Celsius. It gets even wetter come Thursday evening, where showers are expected to drop the temperatures even lower – down to 71-degrees Celsius.

If you are expecting a run of sunshine for the coming days, you’ll be out of luck as the possibility of showers all through the rest of the remaining days of the week is expected. Thankfully, the temperatures will be reasonably better after this Friday, with the highest at 86-degrees Celsius, and the lowest expected to reach 74-degrees Celsius.

Better ready your self with some raingear just in case you find yourselves caught in a downpour! The possibility of sunshine in any of these coming days will be slim, but chances of showers overall in the South Pacific is a hit or miss in some areas. Expect a slight run of Mister Sunshine on the 19th, as scattered showers allow for a little minimal sunshine to peek through, but it’ll be pouring from there on out.